Mandy Mitchell

Mandy says she loves colour. ' There is nothing quite like the pleasure to be had playing with paint' which is how most of her work starts.  

She may have a particular idea as a starting point but then the picture takes over and sometimes seems to go in completely its own direction.  

Mandy then builds layers until it is time to stop.  Mandy is ably assisted by her four-legged studio assistant, Dug.  His main job is to catch any paint before it hits the floor.

Lately Mandy’s main influence and starting point for a painting has been the natural world.  She loves wildflowers and the colours of summer:  her most recent works have been her interpretation of this.

Mandy’s other passion is making collages.  She searches old maps, vintage and antique music scores, interesting papers, old stamps; anything that can be recycled in to beautiful and often poignant pieces of art.