Judy Sale

Judy Sale’s background as an artist is unusual as she has moved house and studio so many times that her work is now best broken into collections from each different country where she has practiced and shown her work.

In spite of being born in an uninspiring, small town in the middle of the USA, she has spent all her adult life living elsewhere; eight different countries in all.

 In 1993, she obtained dual nationality and today she is equally American and British, as well as European, in her outlook on all things.

The ‘lived in’ experience of other cultures is therefore evident in the diversity of her abstract and eclectic styles of art practice over the years. Her work is never intended to be a replica of what is out there but rather a compilation of found objects,colours, textures and sometimes texts that are selected along the way.

She enjoys the challenge of taking something well read and putting it into another context. This is a result of the new ways of living and making life work for her.