Oil on canvas

Ian Rawnsley

Ian who lives on the Ayrshire coast, is a full time contemporary artist exploring seascapes and landscape in both abstract and representational forms. 

He works predominately in oil; his bold and sometimes physical style attempts to capture the energy and the drama of the coast and the open sea. 

His painting is an exploration of the emotional pull of colour and texture to bring the sea alive. 

Ian finds constant inspiration from the varied coastal scenery of the British Isles and Ireland and is drawn to the drama of the wild winter seas of the Celtic fringe

In recent years Ian has been committed to therapeutic creativity as an extension to his work as a full time artist developing workshops and projects to promote well-being for both children and vulnerable adults.

Ian's latest artistic venture draws to together painting, literature and photographic reportage in a major 2-3 year project that will take him to sea from Iceland to the edge of the Mediterranean.

His work is extensively exhibited in galleries across the British Isles and is held in private collection across Europe, Australia and North America.