'Against the Odds'

Cold cast copper

Holly Hickmore

‘Sculpture for me is the act of re-imagining through a material; revealing forms or drawing in space.

I endeavour create an innate understanding , rather than visual acuity.

To reproduce or copy something, I feel has become the domain of the 3D printer. 

The direction of form and rhythm across a piece lead by the inclination of the hand implies a sense of time, thought, and process condensed in an object giving a distinctly human quality. 

The essence of a piece is obtained through a continual dialogue between form, material and subject through constant evaluation and re-evaluation.’ 


Canterbury Christchurch University  - Sept 2013 to 2016 – First class honours degree in Fine and Applied Art

 Hungarian University of Fine Art, Budapest - Sept 2014 to July 2015 

 The Andrass Kontor Stone Colony - July to August 2015

Canterbury Christchurch Certificate of Excellence in Sculpture

Hungarian School of Art - Ko’pall Award  



Hampshire country sports day August (Solo): Sept 2016

Hampshire open studio (Group): July 2016

Sydney Cooper, degree show (Group): June 2016

University of Kent, Out-reach Help the Homeless (Group): April 2016

Winchester, Bell Fine Art (Group):  January 2016

Lark Hill, charity auction (Group): December 2016

Alresford Country Show (Solo):  September 2015

Budapest, ‘We Are New Here’ (Group): June 2015

Heve, ko’pall mzusi (Group): March 2015

Krakow, ‘Spaces of Uncertainty’ December 2014

Alresford Country Show (Solo): September 2014

Hampshire open studios (Group): July 2014

Alresford, Lavender Barn (Group):June 2014

Barcelona, Between the Lines, (Group): March 2014

Brockwood, Wessex Sculptor’s summer exhibition, (Group): July 2013