Chris Liberti

Chris Liberti is a painter currently living in Charlotte, NC who studied at Buffalo State College with Jim Phalen.

In an interview with John Seed of the Huffington Post, Liberti said looking at Diebenkorn’s works, and studying their compositions has been very important and goes further to say:

Inclined to work and rework his surfaces, Liberti is “rarely satisfied” until an image has gone through many transformations and variations. “I have a problem deciding when things are finished,” he admits. “I’m never truly happy.” For a painting to feel “right” enough to call it finished, he needs it to at least come together in a way that is strong and original enough to emanate a certain range of possibilities: “If I can get into a piece and get into that ‘space’, someone else will feel that same way. I’m not looking for a specific feeling.”

In his best works Chris Liberti brings together abstraction and representation in a way that allows beautiful tensions and artistic paradoxes to co-exist. He plays the organic off of the geometric, sets transparency next to opacity, and contrasts depth with flatness. His finished works are balancing acts that demonstrate just how thoughtfully and methodically he has struggled to maintain those tensions.

“Painting is simple but complicated,” Liberti says: “I like to keep it that way.”