(C) Andrew Pegram

(C) Andrew Pegram

Andrew Pregram

'I’ve shown in fish and chip shops, I’ve shown in an eel pie restaurant, I've shown in cafes and restaurants, everywhere and anywhere. I’ve even shown in a place that was called the ‘Convenience’ which was, in fact, previously a gents loo.’

Andrew calls himself a printmaker and a photographer, but he has many other skills.

He’s become known for his iconic line drawings of buildings from all over the world. He is prolific in his creative output and his work is diligent and strong. 

His clean hand-drawn lines and choice of colour palette charm and intrigue, whilst the vastness of his series and their overall impact when exhibited together, leave a lasting impression. 

He is remarkably confident and resolute in his practice which translates into the way he approaches the art world, with many exhibitions over to his credit.

Andrew is available to undertake commissions to draw houses, businesses,  ice cream vans(!)